Girl Scout Cookies with Vitamins?

Mango cremes

Girl Scout Cookies with Vitamins?

It’s that time of year again, when you can’t leave the grocery store without passing by the table of smiling children trying to sell you America’s favorite Girl Scout Cookies. In the past I have avoided buying them whenever I could, either by smiling a polite, “no thanks”, avoiding eye contact, or using the old “sorry but I don’t have any cash” excuse. This is actually almost always true, but they probably would whip out their iPhones to take my credit card number these days, so that one might not work anymore.

The reason I didn’t want to buy them had nothing to do with their horrible ingredient list, but because I have absolutely zero self control around chocolate.  If I bought a box of Girl Scout cookies, that thing would not stand a chance of making it through the night. Thin Mints are like crack to me, and now I know why. Just kidding, there is no crack in Thin Mints (that I know of anyway), but it might as well be for how they make me feel.


So there would go a box, and there I would be feeling awful physically and emotionally. Beating myself up about the 1100 calories I just ate due to my lack of willpower, and feeling sluggish from the overload of sugar. That is not going to happen this year though, because now that I know exactly what is in the cookies, I don’t have much desire to eat them.  Lots of fat, some of it being the awful trans fat, lots of sugar, a variety of potentially genetically modified ingredients, and natural and artificial colors. I would much rather make my own, with organic ingredients. I won’t though, because like a recovering alcoholic should not have even one drink, I should not even have one cookie as my self control goes out the window.

The reason for this post though is not to talk about my amazing addiction to chocolate, but to highlight the newest Girl Scout cookie flavor, wait for it…Mango Creme with NutriFusion.  My first question is this: Did they run this one by a focus group, because no cookie lover would ever approve that name!  Mango Creme would have been suffice, but this whole “NutriFusion” thing sounds like they are marketing jet fuel or something. I get it. They want you to know how health conscious they are being by adding a few vitamins into their cookies. And while there is no trans fat in this flavor, there is a solid amount of saturated fat, as well as the genetically modified stuff . I say enjoy yourself some Girl Scout Cookies if you like them,  just don’t be fooled, it’s still a cookie. I would appreciate the health conscious efforts more if they were focusing on things like removing the trans fats and high fructose corn syrup from all their cookies, instead of pretending that we should be eating cookies for the vitamins.


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  1. Ed says:

    Make organic cookies without chocolate.I had an organic carrot cookie the other day that wasn’t too bad.But it didn’t leave me with any cravings.

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